12 Apr 2024

PROPEX Scourlok

Engineered bank stabilization system

PROPEX Scourlok is a robust engineered bank stabilization system designed to resist extreme hydraulic stresses and protect shorelines while promoting vegetation.

This diverse solution was developed for erosion control applications that need scour protection but can also be utilized as a vegetated gravity wallsystem to resist sliding and overturning.

Innovative scour protection

PROPEX Scourlok’s patented design featuresrigid and interlocking cells armored with erosion protection from PROPEX Pyramat® High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM) and separation capabilities from MIRAFI® nonwoven geotextiles. Each cell assembly can be articulated to accommodate a variety of landscapes.

PROPEX Scourlok components

1 – PROPEX Pyramat 75 HPTRM: Highly UV stabilized

2 – Vegetation pocket: Fill with mulch or other growth media for vegetation

3 – MIRAFI nonwoven geotextile: Exceptional hydraulic and soil retention properties

4 – Galvanized metal cell units can be connected and contoured


Design and performance

  • Resists extreme hydraulic stresses, protecting vegetated and unvegetated shoreline applications
  • Can be installed below or above grade to fully armor the entire stream bank
  • Units can easily be connected and contoured to accommodate projects of any size
  • Combines the superior erosion control protection of PROPEX Pyramat 75 with the exceptional hydraulic and soil retention properties of MIRAFI nonwoven geotextiles
  • Can be combined with other PROPEX engineered earth solutions to optimize design


  • Enhances water quality by increasing pollutant and nutrient removal
  • Yields a vegetated solution that is more aesthetical pleasing than traditional hard armoring solutions
  • Vegetating pockets can be filled with a mulch/soil mixture or other organic media to sustain plant growth
  • Reduces thermal pollution by utilizing a vegetated solution to protect aquatic life

Cost savings

  • Units can be filled with in-situ soils, eliminating the cost of importing fill material to a jobsite*
  • Compact design makes shipping costs more effective than traditional hard armoring solutions
  • Units ship pre-assembled for fast and easy installation, reducing overall installation costs
  • Units are deployed faster than conventional methods and can be filled using machinery

Unit specifications

  • Dimensions: 1,2m H x 0,9m W x 4,5m L
  • Delivered on pallets
  • Pre-assembled
12 Apr 2024

PROPEX Armormax

Engineered Earth Armoring System

The most advanced and resilient

technology for preventing severe

erosion and stabilizing surficial

slopes is PROPEX® Armormax®


PROPEX Armormax is composed of

High Performance Turf Reinforcement

Mat (HPTRM) and Engineered Earth

Anchors that work together to lock soil

in place and protect against hydraulic



High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat

Solmax’s HPTRM technology features patented

ultraviolent stabilization and high tensile strength to

provide up to 75 years of slope protection and erosion

mitigation, even in environments with direct exposure

to sunlight. Additionally, the HPTRM is designed to

accelerate vegetative growth, exhibit high resiliency,

and feature strength and elongation properties to

limit stretching in saturated conditions.


Engineering Earth Anchors

Corrosion resistant Engineered Earth AnchorsTM (EEA)

secure the HPTRM to the ground. EEAs are designed

to provide resistance to shear and lateral forces, and

embed beyond the predicted plane of failure. The

PROPEX Armormax system uses either a B1, B2, or B3

anchor depending on the application and environment.

Tested. Proven. Trusted.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE)

commissioned Colorado State University to test

erosion resiliency of HPTRMs for 500-year hurricane

overtopping conditions. Testing showed that Armormax

provided increased levee resilience and reduced the

risk of breaching caused by overtopping. The USACE

has now installed more than 1 million square yards of

PROPEX Armormax on coastal and river levees.


Design and Performance

  • Provides permanent erosion protection for

up to 75 years

  • Withstands extreme hydraulic stresses
  • Provides temporary shoring and stabilization

for constructed slopes

  • Resistant to non-hydraulic stresses from debris

and mowing and maintenance equipment

  • Resistant to fire using non-halogen fire

retardant technology

  • Highly UV stabilized for applications with little

or no vegetation

  • Outlasts other slope reinforcement methods

yielding significant cost savings

  • Ease of installation reduces time and labor costs
  • Lightweight and easily transported into areas

with access challenges

  • Reduces the amount of space needed for a



  • Recognized by the EPA as Best Management

Practice (BMP) for improving water quality

  • Verified carbon footprint is up to 30 times smaller

than traditional hard armor

  • Recognized by FEMA as a nature-based solution
  • Filters sediment and pollutants to improve

water quality

  • Encourages infiltration of water back into

the ground water table

  • Proven to reduce erosion and reinforce

vegetation for low-impact, sustainable design

  • Yields a vegetated solution that is more

aesthetically pleasing than traditional hard

armoring solutions

  • Maintains cooler water temperature than

traditional hard armoring, which is healthier

for aquatic habitats


  • Arid and semi-arid environments

where vegetation densities of

<30% are anticipated

  • Earthen Dams and Spillways
  • Roadway Embankments
  • Canals/Stream Banks
  • Steepened Slopes
  • Channels
  • Levees
  • Areas prone to wild fires
  • Defensible spaces
12 Apr 2024

GeoTank® flexible containers are developed in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) to store all kind of liquids. Your security and efficient way to liquid storage allow to remain the initial conditions al the time. GeoTank® units are available in several volumes, since 10 m3 (10 000 L) until 500 m3 (50 000L) capacity.


GeoTank® solution detach the traditional water storage solution by several reasons, as example because of long lifetime (>25 years), the easy way to handle and apply this kind of material and low maintenance required.

The GeoTank® flexible structure ensure the dimensions adequacy for the available space. Its represent a lower soil preparation and lower infrastructure investment for water reservoir. This solution, where the liquids don’t have any contact with exterior, avoid the evaporation water leaks and also the water contamination by insects or other contaminants dragged by the wind.


The GeoTank® flexibles containers can be used for all kind of liquids what means could be a solution for several application areas.  Geotank® is used to store potable water, lixiates and wastewater, irrigation water, firefighting water and chemical products.

A tecnologia de desidratação Geotube® foi aplicada com extremo sucesso na remoção de lamas de uma lagoa de decantação. Através de um processo simples e rápido, a solução Geotube® permite a intervenção na lagoa sem necessidade de comprometer o sistema de tratamento, garantindo teores de matéria seca superiores a 35% na lama desidratada.

O sistema de desidratação Geotube® permite reduzir in-situ em mais de 90% o volume de lamas acumuladas nas lagoas de tratamento de águas residuais. Este processo eficiente de desidratação garante poupanças significativas na gestão e encaminhamento das lamas a destino final, sem nunca comprometer e/ou obrigar a paragens no processo de tratamento da instalação.

A tecnologia de desidratação TenCate Geotube® é recorrentemente utilizada nas operações de limpezas de lagoas de tratamento de águas residuais da indústria vinícola. O sistema Geotube® permite uma desidratação eficaz das lamas e, consequentemente, uma redução significativa do volume de lamas desidratadas a gerir. Aliado a isso, permite manter o tratamento das águas residuais em circuito fechado e sem necessidade de bypass à lagoa.