TenCate GeoDetect

TenCate GeoDetect®

TenCate GeoDetect® is the first system designed specifically for geotechnical applications. The TenCate GeoDetect® solution embodies a geocomposite fabric, fiber optics, software and instrumentation to provide an innovative solution for the multifunctional requirements of a geotechnical application.


TenCate GeoDetect® is an innovation that provides:

  • Assurance the design materials are meeting or exceeding expected factors of performance.
  • Early warning indication of changes in material performance or local conditions that were not expected, e.g. high strains, subsidence, voids, etc.
  • A customized solution that will provide the owner with increased operating safety margin on certain demanding soil reinforcement applications, e.g. walls, steep slopes, embankments, levees, foundations, soft soils and subsidence (karst or mine) regions. This information can be used to lower long-term liability.
  • More effective means of monitoring geosynthetic materials and soil structures in demanding applications, leading to better land use, and lower overall project costs.
  • A positive impact on sustainability with lower risk and longer lasting structures due to its ability to monitor appropriate performance.


The TenCate GeoDetect® solution is ideal for:

  • Walls
  • Embankments
  • Slopes
  • Levees
  • Roads/Rails
  • Landfills
  • Pipelines


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