Soil reinforcement

In projects where the available space is reduced, TenCate Geosynthetics for soil reinforcement are used during design and construction of embankments and retaining walls.

Economic Advantages:

– Landfill material found locally can be used, which leads to savings not only in materials but also in terms of transport;
– The construction is simple, resulting in savings in terms of labor;
– Construction time is reduced, because usually foundations are not necessary and the construction is not subject to weather conditions.

Environmental benefits:

– Reductions in terms of excavation and transportation, it is used local material;
– Local material being used, away deposit does not take place.

Vegetated embankments

The installation ofTenCate Geosynthetics layers with high strength considerably increases the stability of soil structures and controls deformation. The inclusion of TenCate Geosynthetics allows the local soil use, often of poor quality in mechanical terms. To combine engineering and landscaping, TenCate has the solution.

Soil Reinforcement
Soil Reinforcement

Retaining walls

The support walls reinforced with geosynthetic allow a wide variety of coatings. These include treated wood, concrete blocks, vegetation, gabions, precast concrete elements and natural stone, which appears to be advantageous in aesthetic terms in comparison with conventional concrete walls.

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