Infrastructures - Railroads


TenCate geosynthetics enhance the performance and the design life of railway construction structures.  For these applications, a TenCate geosynthetic is installed as separation and filter layers in areas where groundwater is a problem. TenCate geosynthetics offer the ideal characteristics of robust mechanical properties coupled with high water flow capabilities.

In railway tracks, our product is placed between the existing formation and the ballast layer to prevent the sub-grade from pumping into the ballast layer, thereby maintaining structural integrity.  The use of a geosynthetic significantly increases the periods between track maintenance, with considerable savings in labor and material costs.

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Infrastructures - Roads


TenCate Geosynthetics deliver solutions that enhance the performance and design life of transportation engineering structures for paving.  From our complete product line for Roadway and Railway Construction System Solutions, we offer materials that function for sealing, stress relief, adhesive bonding, and soil reinforcement.  They offer robust mechanical properties coupled with high water flow capabilities that extend pavement life by retarding reflective cracking, waterproofing and reinforcing asphalt pavements.

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Infrastructures - Reinforced Embankments

Reinforced embankments

Need to increase the stability of your embankment? TenCate geosynthetics reinforce the shear stresses of the fill material leading to an increase of the foundation bearing capacity.

Our soil reinforcement geosynthetics achieve a greater, quicker stability of embankments allowing:

  • optimum height over a minimum area
  • steeper side slopes
  • resistance to outward movement of the embankment
  • security of areas at risk of subsidence.
Esquema Infraestruturas - Obras Rodoviárias
Infrastructures - Tunnels


Quicker, easier, safer transportation means are required. Depending on geographical zones, tunnels can be a must to reach your final destination easily. Decades of experience in tunnel constructions with TenCate Polyfelt® P have shown that protection geotextiles replaces the need for drainage material around the tunnel lining.

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