Geosynthetics Materials - TenCate Geolon Robulon

TenCate Geolon® Robulon

TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE, Robulon PP and Robulon PET are high strength geocomposite for slope erosion control purposes. The products are made of a highly durable combination of PP, PE and PET, and has a 3 dimensional structure for optimum soil retention purposes.


The high strength woven base layer, featuring inseparable loops for soil, gravel or concrete retention, has a very stable pattern and prevent surface erosion on slopes while allowing vegetation to grow.


TenCate Geolon® Robulon PE is mainly used on green slopes. TenCate Geolon® Robulon PP is mainly used in road basins, canals and riverbanks. TenCate Geolon® Robulon PET is used on landfills covers.