10 Sep 2020

As an immediate solution to the problem of heavy vehicles access to a WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant), needed for the transport of dewatered sludge, TenCate Geotube® sludge dewatering technology was the solution! Beside dewatering function, confinement and temporary storage simultaneously can be also assured by Geotube® system. It allows continuity of the current dewatering operation until the moment that ideal access conditions of these vehicles to the WWTP have been  restored.

10 Aug 2020

Geotube® MDS® solution is designed for smaller applications and/or small areas. A Geotube® MDS® unit of 9.8m3 capacity, dimensioned for standard containers, allowed the dewatering of 200 m3 of sludge produced in the wastewater treatment process of a textile dyeing industry. Geotube® solution assures an high reduction of the sludge volume (95%) to be managed and allows the WWTP to carry out this operation only once an year.

10 Jul 2020

The TenCate Geotube® technology was used for treatment and dewatering of the sludge accumulated in a lagoon dedicated to urban effluent treatment. The first lagoon had high levels of solids so a fast and effective action was required! Geotube® technology allows high levels of dry matter, providing a significant reduction of the sludge volume to be managed, a considerable reduction in economic costs as well as a reduced footprint, thus contributing positively to this kind operation: cleaning and removal sludge from ponds in public WWTP.

09 Jun 2020

TenCate Geotube® technology was the solution adopted for collection and dewatering the retained sludge in a biogas reactor. The Geotube® MDS (Mobile Dewatering System) units applied adapt to the dimensions of standard metal containers, thereby facilitating the control of filtered water and the routing of sludge to its final destination.